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Mar. 10, 2007:
Well, we're finally getting the word out. Advertising, CSS and HTML validation, SSL communication!



In addition to the samples on our TOOLS page, here are a few of the websites we've deployed ranging from non-profit organizations and fundraisers to local businesses and platinum music publishers. Please visit and enjoy!

Big Underground Music Publishing B.U.M.P. had several multimedia enhancements which made it quite interesting work. The opening flash animation required the development of custom audio analysis software to extract and map "Beats" from different instruments to the image objects in the scene. Their primary business is the licensing of music, so visitors needed a "convenient/non-intrusive" means of listening to B.U.M.P.'s rather large music library. Adhering to our client's road theme, we developed an embedded .mp3 library/player interface with customized controls. SiteMolder created every icon, button and collage using a variety of imaging tools to achieve the rich shading, shadows and alpha texturing.

Sacred Hearts School Destination Imagination Making use of the National D.I. organization's color scheme, SiteMolder tried to create an atmosphere the children would enjoy, yet giving the parent's the information they needed. From the Photoshop work on the "Team Banners" to the streaming slide show, this site was a joy to work on.

Merrimack Billing Solutions, inc. Starting from their logo, we listened to our client's request for a "Business Professional" theme. We used their logo's color scheme throughout and ensured flawless performance on cross-platform browsers. They were extremely professional and prepared, already having their "Business Message" and information prepared in .doc format. That left us extra time to throw in a secure "Contact WebForm" and spend some extra hours helping them set up their new e-mail addresses and inboxes on their business computers, all part of their base package fee! I personally enjoyed integrating the "Logo Watermark".

Rte. 133 Getty, Georgetown MA Simplicity, cleanliness, ease of navigation ... we kept to our design criteria. Rte. 133 Getty in Georgetown, MA needed to answer prospective client's basic questions. What are your hours, services, location, etc? Now what makes them stand out on the web? The extra info! SiteMolder included the Massachusetts State Inspection page that answers all those questions we have about our own vehicle inspection. What if I fail?

Sacred Hearts School Polar Express An annual fund raising event with their own website? Why not? Fundraising isn't just tickets to the event, but also advertising revenues. Now when a company sponsors the event, they have a year round presence and link to their own website. SiteMolder created and/or modified all sponsor logos and created links where websites didn't exist. Next year, SiteMolder has plans for online ticket sales to alleviate the huge amount of volunteer hours needed to carry out sales. Perhaps we'll also add a unique eyecatching flash intro. Check out last year's slideshow while you're there and tell them what you think.