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Mar. 10, 2007:
Well, we're finally getting the word out. Advertising, CSS and HTML validation, SSL communication!



Whew! Finally up and running with 80% of our initially planned content in place. Sometimes new ventures take a little more time than planned, but don't worry, you will always be guaranteed a finished product based on your approval.

We just finished off one of the more time consuming prospects of web design, development and deployment: the web promotion, listing and advertising. There are several prominent resources we naturally gravitate towards (Google, Microsoft Ad Center, Yahoo and the like). We start, however, by first populating our web pages with appropriate "keywords" for search engines and web bots to feed on. Keep a look out for a "Web Promotion/Advertising" service on the Pricing page. This is one of those items that depends on how aggressive a client wants to "Get The Word Out" on their new web presence.

Over the next few weeks we should be able to nail down packages for custom flash animation intros, custom WebShops, SSL Sites and the like. We find these really need a lot of client face time, so pretty much reserve them for local businesses. Yes, we will still offer full services to our West Coast brethren, it's just a lot more phone tag, e-mail tag, Skype tag....

You may have noticed that we now use SSL on the Contact page. It's just a precaution that costs us little to make your communication with us more secure. Our Web Forms only request e-mail addresses and phone numbers, but in todays internet that's personal information we don't want "Spammed" or compromised.

All these site changes take us back through the Validation process. Validation you may ask? We run all our web pages (and of course Yours) through CSS and HTML Validation checkers. These are akin to a programming debugger. They point out our mistakes so we can fix them. Okay, so they're not really mistakes but only a relaxation of CSS and HTML "Standardizations". If we keep to the standards, we improve cross-browser support of the content. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Opera, etc. all have little quirks that may display your web pages slightly different than anticipated. Validation is just one of our tools to maximize browser support for your web site.